Advanced Facebook Marketing & Conversions

This episode of Keeping it Real: “Advanced Facebook Marketing & Conversions”.

Brett Baker shares how he is getting huge results from his Facebook Marketing. One $68 FB ad resulted in 4 listings taken and 4 buyers under contract.

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Some of the things he covers are: the ads he is posting, the audiences he targets, landing pages and tools he is using to simplify the process. He also shares his follow up process to get higher engagement and conversions.

Here are some time stamps so you can jump to the section that most interests you:

2:00 - Brett’s lead-generating strategy, and why 75% of it involves Facebook
5:30 - Examples of Brett’s most successful Facebook ads
9:30 - How to select demographics on Facebook, specifically first-time home buyers
11:30 - How Brett budgets his advertising money for Facebook
16:00 - Example of Brett’s highly successful Facebook ad
20:00 - How Brett selects the audience for his Facebook ads
22:00 - Brett’s 3rd successful Facebook ad got him 5 contracts while costing $20
26:00 - How Brett re-targets visitors to his site
27:00 - The 2 fundamental call to action statements for sellers (home evaluations and market reports)
33:00 - Brett’s strategy for targeting his custom email audience and outpacing his competitors
39:00 - Immediate and long-term lead conversion strategies
48:00 - How to get a 14 day free trial with Bomb Bomb with 40 pre-written emails
50:00 - How Brett manages his database outside of Facebook advertising
56:00 - How Brett retargets his Youtube videos to his database

Here is a link to the SMS auto-responder system Brett is using to convert more leads into sales.

Here is a link to the Facebook Marketing tool Brett is using to streamline the process and track his ad performance.

We'd like to thank Brett Baker, Tri-Cities real estate agent for joining us on this hangout and sharing how he is crushing it on Facebook!

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