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Introducing Reactive Responses Screen Shot 2023-01-17 at 3.19.46 PM

Have you ever asked yourself, “Who do I even prioritize contacting from my database? How do I start conversations with these people?” The new Reactive Responses feature enables your Lead Manager to identify potential clients who are exhibiting key behaviors, such as frequently visiting your site, viewing the same listings multiple times, and favoriting properties. 

Your CRM will then automatically send a text to these individuals to spark engagement. This means less time you must spend filtering lists, composing templates, and manually sending messages.


Everything you need to grow your
Real Estate business.

Sleek, elegant, modern, websites with seamless integration into the industry’s most powerful CRM. Built for agents by agents.

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Real Estate Sales
& Marketing Solution

Powerful, self-serve product and growth analytics to help you convert, engage, and retain more.

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iOS and Android Agent App

Real Geeks knows agents are busy people. This means you can’t always be in front of your desktop. Be just as productive on the road with our app dedicated to streamlining your mobile workflow.

  • See and disposition leads as they come in
  • Access all the contact data in your CRM
  • Make showing notes or add new contacts on the
  • Available for iOS and Android
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Client Facing App

Leads can search, favorite, and save properties on mobile with ease. Deliver real-time property updates to your leads instantly with push notifications!

  • Direct integation with your MLS
  • Send push notifications on saved property searches
  • Track CPC, likes, shares, and other conversion metrics.
  • Keep your clients off the portals
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Autoresponders turned up to 11. Real Geeks’ AI assistant, Robin, will instantly engage new leads. She has the ability to do discovery and set appointments.

  • Indistinguishable from a Human
  • Engage, Discover, and Schedule
  • No Sleep Needed
  • Won’t Turn on Humanity
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Single Agent

Real Geeks is a platform in a box. You own the leads, you set your strategy, everything you need right here.

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Easily coordinate with other Agents or assistants. Assign roles, divide tasks, grow.

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Set lead routing rules, manage agent activity, and report on lead generation success metrics.


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Tune in to our Keeping It Real podcast for industry leaders' latest strategies, best practices, industry news, and hacks! Become a client and member of our Real Geeks Mastermind community for more up-to-date news and weekly real estate coaching.

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